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Superior Fabrication manufactures the following styles of stands: Quick-Lock (36" BW to 54" BW), Long Airdox (36" BW to 48" BW), Harrison/Sailboat, Dowty, and Catenary. Stands are made in various sizes, customized with locks and differing heights and widths to meet your specific need.

Spreader Bars
Superior Fabrication Spreader Bars range in sizes from 36" BW to 84" BW, in Quick-Lock and Bolt-On styles, and are compatible with the industry's major conveyor systems. Accessories and sizes can be customized to include locking pins, cuffs, hangers and other custom specifications based on your needs.

Superior Fabrication's rails are compatible with the major conveying systems. Rails typically used are LA style rails, or 3", 4", and 5" channel rails from 10' to 12' in length. Rails can be customized if other widths or lengths are required. Available with varying sized pins, holes, handles, straps, and foot pieces.

Superior Fabrication Drop Hanger assemblies include bolts and loop nuts in various sizes. 


Ventilation Doors (Mandoors)
Superior's reliable and economical ventilation doors provide a durable, cost-cutting option for your mandoor needs. We regularly stock sizes from 30" x 30" up to 48" x 48" with or without gaskets, flanges, and latches as required. Smaller or larger doors can be fabricated to meet your needs.  

Bolts, Anchor Pins, Brackets, Clamps, Cuffs, Flights
Superior Fabrication offers an array of anchor pins, bolts, loop nuts, angle brackets (monkey faces), rope clamps, cuffs, Stamler flights, and hardware. Please call to discuss your needs.

Tool Boxes and Dumpsters
Superior Fabrication offers durable, long lasting tool boxes and dumpsters that are ideal for commercial and municipal use.

Miscellaneous Structural Steel
Superior Fabrication offers miscellaneous structural steel services on Commercial, Industrial, and Export projects to its clients. Projects may typically include stands, handrails, mezzanines, platforms, and miscellaneous architectural steel.

NOTICE: All parts offered by Superior Fabrication are manufactured by or for Superior Fabrication and not by or for the original equipment manufacturer.  Superior Fabrication is an independent supplier of quality replacement parts having no affiliation with any original equipment manufacturer. The trademark or trade name of any original equipment manufacturer described or shown in this literature is owned by that manufacturer and not Superior Fabrication.
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